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Collaboration with Dania Weiner

STA Gallery, May 2015

Out of the worlds of Punk, Japanese Culture and Electronic Music, this installation grew up from a collaboration between two artists. It links between the American Punk Rock culture, the experimental musician Ryuichi Sakamoto and the practice of traditional Japanese gardens.

The installation consists of Hard Core Punk Rock stars sketches which are placed on the floor, a 4 meter high  digital print of a scanned calligraphic sketch which hanged on the wall, and water plants that were stolen from the wilderness.

At the base of the work stands the obssesive desire towards the other, the one that is far from reach.The three separated scenes, that happend in other places and at different times, and to which we have no real access, were melted together. As cultures consumers the local crowed gets it’s peeking to the overseas happenings, at present times as well as the past events, mainly through the web. From the gallery wall the Ryuichi Sakamoto portrait stands like a mountain above the floor which is arranged in a

pattern of Japanese garden, that is translated into a dictionary of Punk-Rock signs that was hand crafted. The garden itself is a plan of representing the view in a small scale. 

The installation plays with a series of inversions: the hand work calligraphy was printed digitally, the Punk images were hand crafted into sketches and were destroyed as audience came to see the show.

We offered the audience an experience of active walk, which emphasised the images overflow and their availability in an age that is experienced through JPG files. It is a garden full of alienation in the distances between Tokyo, Los Angeles and South Tel Aviv.

Photography: Bar Faber

Photo 26-02-15, 22 40 15.jpg
Photo 26-02-15, 22 37 41.jpg
Photo 26-02-15, 22 36 44.jpg
Photo 26-02-15, 22 37 47.jpg
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