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STA Gallery,

January 2014


Yael Elias

Tal Alperstein

Tal Gilad

Alma Mia Hadas

Yoav Weinfeld

Dania Weiner

Shiri Tarko

Shir Yeffet

Michal Makaresco

Amit Naamani

Sofie Kogan

Zamir Shatz

Photo: Bar Faber, Yoav Weinfeld

Design: yoav Weinfeld

The issue was composed of 50 unique notebooks that were collected by the editorial for two years, world wide. They were passed between 12 artists-participants, in packages of five notebooks each, for a period of ten days per package. The artists were told to fill up the notebooks with images, texts, or any other thing they wish to do, along side with non-obligating instructions regarding their rights of notebook takeover, vandalising other’s works and marking system. 


Each artist chose his preferable strategy, while was required to respond to his colleagues works: each round changed the working methods. At the begging, the participants had to deal with empty notebooks, or just few works in them. later on, as the notebooks filled up, strategies were changed: reoccupation of non used empty pages, changing others works, interventions, attempt of control which led to rage, outrageous texts and finally, vandalism. 


At the end of the activity, the notebooks remained the testimony of a reality T.V. show that was never taken, in which the participants found their places in a micro-social spectrum: the secluded, those who arouse dispute, the indifferent ones, those who had fun, those who pushed others and also those who secretly made deals. The notebooks are the testimony of social group event which examines the thin line between art-making and violent intervention.

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