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Of Order

Graduate Exhibition Bezalel,
MFA Program
June 2017

Photo: Dor Even-Chen

Following three American stories, Out of Order is an installation that grew up from narratives and the analysis of their forms. The three stories are: Ted Bundy (the serial killer who allegedly picked his victims by their hairstyle), the Von-Erich brothers (a timeline which represent the birth and death of each brother), and Lorena Bobbit (who is known for cutting off her husband’s pines). 

These three narratives, fables, express a complicated attitude toward the law and social codes. They reflect the social order (symbolic order in psychoanalyses terms) by contradicting the basic frame of it, and by deconstructing the relations between good and bad, wrong and right etc. 


The works are lighted up as reaction to the ultraviolet neons, that indicate a different phenomenological state of being: The sight is being modified, thus the being is different, supposedly - researching the alternation of the objects we are used to in the special light condition, a light that out of the ordinary.

שירי פרויקט ברושור דפוס(1)-2.jpg
שירי פרויקט ברושור דפוס(1)-1.jpg
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