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Fanzine Festival,

June 2014

Fanziformance is a method that I had invented in order to make art more accessible. The art objects are presented in a performance to the viewers- a way that allows manipulation of the information, so that the viewers get more involved in the narratives and the meanings that arise from the project. 


In the first fanziformance, I let the viewers create their own fanzine, by choosing one of three suicide narratives. They heard all the stories and then had to pick their favourite one.

The three stories are: 

The Von-Erich Brothers -  Out of the six Von Erich brothers only one remained alive. The father, Jack, who was a successful wrestling star, raised his sons to be champions. His older son Jack died as a result of an electricity accident at the age of seven. The second brother Kevin is the only brother that is still alive. David, the third brother, died unexpectedly, and the other three brothers Kerry, Mike and Chris killed themselves one after the other over the course of few years, leaving suicide notes. The circles mark the length of each brother's life. 


Christine Chubbuck - Ms. Chubbuck committed suicide by shooting herself on live TV (1974), during the show she hosted. She claimed in her last words that this act was resistance to the violent content showed on TV. Chubbuck's co-workers thought that this was a joke that she pulled, and it took them some time to realise what has happened. 


Mitchel Heisman- Is the author of "suicide note", a 1900 pages of philosophical, historical, religious and nihilistic theme assay.  It took Heisman 5 years to write it, afterwards he shot himself on Yom-Kippur (a holy day for Jews), in front of all the believers who gathered to pray. I found that the assay does not fulfil a real cause for suicide, so I had presented 

only the pages that contained "content" or "bibliography". 


A reading list was given to viewers who didn't want to hear about the subject. 

The Von Erich Brothers A time line
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