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Hahanut Gallery,

March 2015

Yoav Weinfeld

Tal Gilad

Alina Deckel

Hagai Ulrich

Yasmin Hassidim

Lior Waterman

Shir Yeffet

Nadav Bin Nun

Michel Makaresco

Keren Donde

Alma Mia Hadas

Tal Alperstein

Shiri Tarko

Uri Tuchman

Dania Weiner

Calendars is the 7th issue Re-Feel Magazine and Art published. According to the magazine’s manifest, Calendars was also created in a unique format, and each participant chose his preferable strategy.


The issue is allegedly a calendar. It begins on April 2015 and ends on April 2016, though no holiday nor other event are noted on it. Neither does it pretend to indicate any religion nor any country.

Each artist-participant was given 50 copies of his month of choice, A3 size, for a working period of 3 months. Beside the format’s limitation, the artists were given full artistic freedom. Obviously, the physical nature of the issue constituted the artistic decisions by some of the participants: they reacted to the grid, the day numbering and the month name itself.


In addition to that, the fact that the artists had to create 50 works drove to the development of three main strategies; The first strategy states that all 50 works will be a part of one work. Thus it is noticeable that those works

share same aesthetics, and separating them for the calendar reassembling has left an invisible mark, by which the sum of the parts is bigger then the whole. The second strategy, naturally, involves print making. Most of the print methods that were used originate in the experimental genre in which each print is unique, and sometimes the print is a side affect of another action. Finally, the third strategy deals with the experimental aspect of the growing series, by which works are divided into smaller sets which were built organically. 

Finally all the monthly packages were separated and re-asmbled into the object: calendars. Yet, Re-Feel’s calendar isn’t that chrome calendar that is being given away as non functional P.R. merchandise which ends up being dumped in the trash at the end of each year. This is a calendar that refuses to act on behalf of it’s designation, nor does it exist under the religion or state economics, in which one faces conflict if to mark his private events, or even to place himself in time. The art works elongates it’s shelf time and changes the traditional time counting method.

Photo&Design: Yoav Weinfeld

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