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Fanzine Performance
at Artport Art Book Fair,

January 2015

The Candidates issue was created for the ARTPORT Art Book Fair on January 2015. In the spirit of oncoming elections in Israel, Re-Feel Magazine & Art introduced it’s preferred candidates for Israel’s prime minister position.

While the audience could take a look at the candidates images, they were told about the candidates and the reasons why they were chosen.


The candidates are all known for being the mainstay of California’s Hardcore Punk scene in the 80’s: Henry Rollins, Glen Danzig and Jello Biafra
all known for their political views and writing. 


After getting this information, the audience could “vote” for their favourite candidate by taking an image and “paying tax” of 20/50 NIS. People who didn’t want to vote (or pay taxes) were given an essay “Why is it ok NOT to vote” that was written specially for the event.

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