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November 2011


Riky Elkayam

Tal Alperstein

Adi Argov

Noa Glazer

Sofie Kogan

Lior Ofir

Samantha Adler de Oliveira

Christine Haase

Anat Levin

Adi Asis

Michal Amram

Shiri Tarko

Guy Eitan 

Photo: Yoav Weinfeld

Re-Feel is an experimental art magazine designed as a platform for a variety of fine arts activities. All issues contain 50 non-identical copies each, while concept, size and format varies from one issue to another (Re-Feel presents only original works).

Nepotism is the first issue of Re-Feel Magazine and Art. The name was chosen because the participants had a personal connection with me, and were asked to participate  because of it. 

The fragile packing of the issue intended to establish the underground nature of the magazine.The genuine works of 13 artists are removable, and were carefully packed.

I have founded this magazine in 2011, and since I have been it’s editorial, curator, producer and participant. The magazine emphasise the art- comunity possibilities, collaborations and relations that exist around me. Re-Feel is not supported by any corporation or governmental group, and does not depend on them.

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