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The Serial Killer and The Artsit


Fanzine Performance
at Artport Art Book Fair,

January 2017

The Serial Killer and The Artist was a fanzine-performance hosted by ARTPORT Art Book Fair in January 2017. Riding the theory of psychoanalysis,

I have created my own theory which claims that serial killer’s work has a reflection in artists and their works. The theory consists that both serial killers and artists use similar mechanisms of actions such as lies (lure), hidden thoughts, use of images/leftovers (habits) and playing god. Through this idea,

I have created two works on fax-paper rolls: “How to explain your work” and “Professional advices”.


The audience was called in a dark room in small groups (up to 3 people), and was told stories about serial killers and artists, in order to confirm this theory. They could have picked any detail from both works and buy it, by cutting it out with knifes that I have provided.


At the end of the event both rolls were cut in many places and remained partial. 

Photos: Goni Riskin

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